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Accountability is our word for the day. The Mirriam-Webster Dictionary defines accountability as: An obligation or willingness to accept responsibility The world around you may feel like it's spinning out of control.  You may feel like you don't have control.  In reality, do any of us really have control?  We do however have accountability.  We can make whatever [...]

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2017 New Year’s Day Message

Each year, during our annual New Year's Day meditation, Spirit provides a message for all those who are in attendance.  As we started 2016, the message was about not creating any Resolutions but rather to create a Revolution.  The message for 2017 is along the same lines as we continue this Revolution within our lives [...]

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2016 New Year’s Day Message

If you missed our annual New Year's Day Meditation today, here is the message that was delivered to the groups. Welcome to the year 2016! This is a year filled with wonderment.  A year where anything is possible for you.  The year 2014 was a year of gathering tools that you will need on this [...]

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What are you waiting for?

Tonight was our annual Prayer Service for the victims and the families of the Newtown tragedy. Here is my message of inspiration from the evening. What are you waiting for? No, really.  What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for something big to happen?  Are you waiting for the Universe to provide for you?  [...]

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Invisible or Invaluable?

A lot of times, I find myself behind the scenes in many peoples lives.  It's not that I am living their life for them. I am simply the person in the background supporting quietly.  In the past, a long time ago, I would have been looking for some validation from that.  If I didn't get [...]

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A message for 2015

On New Year's Day, I had over 100 people come through the door for our annual meditation.  This year, instead of just two sessions, I added an additional session to handle the large number of people.  Each year, my Guides provide me with a message to deliver before the meditation.  In case you weren't able to attend, [...]

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