In addition to Priscilla and her services,  the practitioners below are available upon request for the services listed.



Chris and Dan - MS 1Christine Cartwright – Massage Therapy, Integrated Energy Healing® (IET), Reiki, Mediumship Readings, Medical Intuitive, Angel Reader

Christine Cartwright is a Nationally Certified Licensed Massage Therapist with over 15 years of practice.  She is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and the AMTA Connecticut Chapter, CT License #1587.

She is a certified medium through the Psyche Institute for Higher Learning and provides mediumship, energy intuitive, angelic and Ascended Master readings along with spiritual counseling and guidance.  She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Master-Instructor for Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) and teaches classes at the Center as well as offers private sessions.   Christine is available Monday through Friday by appointment only.  She can be reached by calling 860.716.2248, via email at chris(substitute this for the -at- symbol) or through her web site



Jennifer Johnson – Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET), Akashic Record Reader, Flower Essences

Jennifer K.A. Johnson is passionate about healing the mind, body and spirit. Her love of nature enhances her desire to use flower essences, essential oils and homeopathy to support the healing process for humans and animals. Her love of various healing modalities has led her to become an Master Instructor Angelic Energy Healer and her desire to gain an awareness and understanding of the ancient “Book of Life” has led her to reflect upon and master the reading of the Akashic Records for people, animals and even homes. Jennifer is also the co-founder of the Butterfly Wings , a hospice organization that strives to bring holistic healing modalities to terminally ill children, while also offering solace and support to the children themselves, along with their families and friends.  Contact Jennifer via email at Jennifer(substitute this for the -at- symbol) or by phone(860) 967-7435.



Dan Lupacchino –  Massage Therapy,  Shamballa Reiki,  Integrative Energy Therapy® (IET), Medicinal Aromatherapy, Mediumship Readings, Spiritual Counselor, Medical Intuitive

Dan Lupacchino is a licensed massage therapist offering Traditional Swedish, Deep Tissue & Myofascial Massage and enjoys incorporating energetic components to his work.  Dan is a skilled energy healer with over 8 years experience. He is a trained Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive Healer, and Master Instructor of Integrative Energy Therapy ®. Along with offering classes and workshop at the Center, he has completed certification courses in Mediumship, Spiritual Counseling and Medical Intuition through the Psyche Institute for Higher Learning. Dan is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and is nationally certified through NCBTMB, CT License # 7276. He can be reached by calling 860-716-2740. or He is available by appointment only.



Deb Orris – Mediumship Readings and Reiki

Deb is a gifted medium, who brings messages to her clients from spirit and loved ones. She is a certified Medium through the Psychē Institute for Higher Learning and is a Reiki II practitioner. Deb has just completed her degree in Occupational Therapy and looks forward to taking her healing and spiritual gifts to a higher level. . Deb is available for readings by appointment and can be reached by calling her directly at 860-205-2666, deborris1(substitute this for the -at- symbol)



Richard Cannon croppedRichard Cannon – Crystal Energy Healer, Reiki, Intuitive Reader

Richard believes a state of calmness, a sense of inner strength and a rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul will come to the client when they allow and release during a session.  As he channels the healing white light and places the crystals on the body, it is this process that opens the path for Divine Spirit to begin the healing.

Richard is a Reiki practitioner, and has received training in The Silva Method of Meditation, Crystal Healing with Angelic Heart Stones and has studied Mediumship with many Master Teachers.  All this has lead him the The Healing in Harmony Center, first as a student and now has a healer and intuitive reader.

To arrange an appointment with Richard, please call 860.222.0874 or email osmerc456(substitute this for the -at- symbol)


Lily Holcomb

Lily Holcomb – Mediumship Readings and Integrative Energy Therapy® (IET),

A natural caretaker and advisor, Lily began her career in Human Services in 2002. Working as a counselor to adolescents, she always knew there would be more education to advance her career path. Serendipitously, Lily received her call to service during a gallery style reading by Priscilla. Amazed at the depth and clarity of the reading, Lily’s soul was touched and her mind curious. Soon after, she began her journey toward enlightenment. Lily has received a certificate in Pastoral Counseling, as well as, Level I and Level II Mediumship. She continues to take classes at the Center, focusing on her Spiritual Development. In addition to these certifications, she also holds a BS in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Connecticut. To schedule with Lily, please call 860-756-6391 or email lilyholcomb(substitute this for the -at- symbol)


Pat McGrathPat McGrath – Spiritual Counseling, Meditation Instruction, Feng Shui Consulting, Field Trip Facilitator
Pat’s eclectic background is the foundation for her skills as an Intuitive Coach. She knows that people are happier and feel more at peace with themselves when they are in alignment with their spirit. “We are all born close to spirit but somewhere in the process of becoming adults we let that connection slide.” It is Pat’s goal to coach anyone ready and willing to get back on their true path, to make better choices in life and, to have fun doing it.  She has received certificates from the McLean Meditation Institute, Sedona Arizona, the New England School of Feng Shui in Connecticut and the Psyche Institute for Higher Learning in Glastonbury, Conn. She holds a B.A. from Trinity College in Hartford. For more information please visit . To make an appointment please call Pat at 860-556-3380.

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